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(1) Services:
Under the AOC of Sudan Airways, SFS is performing commercial chartered transportation in the following types of operation:-
1-1) OPS 1 & OPS 3
Short Route ( Domestic & Regional)
Long Route ( International )
Cargo & Passengers
Helicopter operation
2) Corporate Social responsibility:
2-1) carrying people from Outside Sudan to villages inside Sudan (Umrika in Western Darfur).

Presidential flights:

Our Fleet:
SFS is serving more than 32 destinations inside Sudan by its B200 aircraft

B200 specifications:

Crew Two (2)
Power plant
2x Pratt& Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop.850shp(635 kW) each
Configuration 9 passengers
Maximum speed 333mph(400 km/h)
Range 2,075 miles (3,338 km)
Service ceiling 32,800 ft (10,700)

MI 8

MI 8 specifications:

Crew Three-two pilots &one engineer
Empty weight 6,990 kg (15,410 Ib)
Maximum gross takeoff weight 12,000 kg (26,500 Ib)
Loaded weight 11,100 kg (24,500 Ib)
Power plant 2x Klimov TV2-117 turbo shafts.1,105kW (1,482 shp) each
Configuration 14 passengers
Maximum speed 250 km/h(156 mph)
Range 450 km (280 mi)
Service ceiling 4,500m (14,760 ft)
Fuel consumption 600 kg/hr (1,320 Ib/hr)

SFS is serving every point inside the Sudan by its MI8 helicopter which has the capability to land at any point and various environments depending on the trip requirements through the experienced and professional pilots, convenience privacy, security and schedule flexibility, more points are served than scheduled airline operation our aim is expanding charter operation.
We offer a wide range of services.
Commercial charter domestic and international
Special operations.
Government VIPs.
Dedicated aircraft for oil companies.
Sport flights for teams.
Emergency repatriation.
Charter flights for tour operators.
Cargo transports.
1-2) Aviation Services
Presidential Flights.
Top VIP & Business Men Flights
Local & International Private Flights
Tourism Groups Flights
Oil , Gas & Industry Flights
Chartered private and cargo flights
Air ambulance
Aerial photography
Full Helicopter services.
Our clients:
Council of ministers
State governments
Distinguished commercial enterprises
Oil companies.
Greater Nile Company.
Great wall drilling Company
Petro energy


Fokker (50) Specifications:
General characteristics
Crew: tow pilots
Capacity: up to 50 passengers
Empty: 12,250 kg (27,602 Ib)
Loaded: 18,600 kg (41,000 Ib)
Maximum takeoff: 20,820 kg (45,900 Ib)
Power plant: 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PWJ25b turboprops , 1,864 kw ( 2,500 hp) each .

Performance :
Maximum speed: 425 km/h (266 mph)
Range: 2,055 km (1,284 miles)
Service ceiling: 7,620 m (25,000 ft)
Rate of climb: m/min (ft/min)
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